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Sunday, January 28, 2018

LBC Cargo 

How to Send Cargo from Abu Dhabi to Manila via LBC?

Filipino Way - Balikbayan Box

When Filipinos heard this word ''Balikbayan Box''. Pinoys tend to get excited easily. And Expecting something from it.


Wonder why? Of course, Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW are get used to or a taking advantage of buying such sale items and will be kept it in that box for a couple months. And when the month of December is approaching, Its time for the box to be sent out in the Philippines. Filipinos tend to send one month before Christmas since this is how Filipino give gifts to everyone. A Filipino tradition that's been doing ever since. Filipino way indeed.


Before working as an OFW. I am receiving such "Steyts Side" from my relatives or friends in the USA.
However, more likely, regardless if it is from the US or abroad. Filipinos tend to say it as "Steyt Side" - (State Side) since its imported from abroad.

The feeling of happiness when someone gave you some imported stuff?  Regardless if it is toothpaste or "Toblerone", Filipinos will appreciate it as this is just once in a while. Some Pinoys will even post it on social media. For others, its kinda weird, but for Filipinos, Who cares? It is just-so-you-know thing, And we are happy about it.


When I started working in the UAE. I promised myself that I will be sending out some stuff from my Family.
Easy? Not really. I need to wait for a sale of the groceries and buy promotional goods. And having a budget for these can be a bit skeptical since I need to do the budgeting of my allowance and other miscellaneous expenses.

It will take even months to full the box. But eventually when its time to seal the box?
Regardless of not having these stuff on your end,  the happiness that you felt thus your Family is overwhelmed and excited to receive these stuff. It is Priceless. 


I recently purchased a Smart TV. I send it thru LBC Express.

Since I send a balikbayan box before with them. My aunt received the box in a good condition. No spillage of liquid items inside. Everything is in good condition. After that, I am confident to choose this courier again.  So I did not hesitate to call their contact center and ask what are the promo offers that they have.


Since I'm in the UAE, The contact number of lbc is 800 522111- Toll-Free

The agent advised me that if the screen size starts at 48 to 50 inches. The charge includes the crating will be AED630 or $172 currently exchange rate at the moment.

Its affordable compared to other courrier that I recently inquired before.

Booking an appointment via there contact center is very easy. However, you can also schedule a pick up via online. For me, I highly recommend calling there call center for its easy and hassle-free. The agent will ask your specific location,  after which the agent will check the availability of delivery team to pick up the box. 

Call Center timings are open from 8 AM till 12 Midnight.


In my case, the scheduled pick up of delivery was the following day. So it was quick.

You will pay upfront for the delivery team and they will be providing the receipt for the transaction and the reference number will be issued for tracking afterward.


As far as I notice, they update the tracking number, three days after accepting the box. 

And it took exactly 47 days to arrived in my hometown in the Philippines.

For your reference.
You can visit there website for tracking of your shipment in this link.

I have taken a screenshot of the delivery time frame from UAE to Iloilo, Philippines.


If you are looking for reliable and trusted courier service. 
Then you choose LBC EXPRESS. Friendly People will be assisting you. And the quality of service is top notch.

For more information about there services. You can visit their website by clicking this link. 

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Live Once, Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Different Things to do in Dubai - Visiting Global Village Dubai Attractions - 2018

We live only once to enjoy the things we love to have.
Just so do i. I love traveling. As a wandering guy. I love to visit the places which are new to my senses.

And of course, I would love to share my travel experience with this blog.

I recently published a blog about my visit to Dubai Miracle Garden. Have some time to read.

Dubai Global Village

Main Entrance of Dubai Global Village

Global Village Dubailand - Dubai, claims to be the world's largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project. It is the region's first cultural, entertainment, family, and shopping destination-Wikipedia.

Winter season

Its bearable and a lot of people are enjoying the weather. And so people tend to go outdoors.  Winter Season means a lot of amusement parks and attractions are open. And one of them is Dubai Global Village, which is available to the public during this season. I highly recommend.

We went together with my friends for a day.  The ticket cost AED 15  around $ 4 in an exchange rate at the moment.

How to get there - Public Transport

The easiest way to get there is by taxi or by choosing a bus public transport number 104 at the nearest bus station at Al Ghubaiba Metro- Green Line.

OR You can go to Union metro station. Walks toward the bus station and opt for bus number 103. Timings changes from time to time so better check with the driver or attendant.

For us, since we came from Abu Dhabi, we have rented a car. It's easy and more convenient.


A lot of people are on queue to buy tickets on the designated counters. 
Good thing, there is alternative interactive ticket machine that allows you to buy a ticket easily. It is located near the entrance.
And there is less queue, so we got these tickets in less than 5 mins.

Buying tickets via online is available as well. Please click this link. 

Rules and Regulations

For the information of everyone. Please refer to the following rules and regulations.

  • Animals/pets are not allowed inside the Park.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Fun Fair, restaurants and any other designated Park area.
  • Guests are responsible for their own personal property. Global Village is not responsible or liable for any personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • The public display of affection is not allowed and indecent behavior (for example kissing and hugging) is strictly forbidden.
  • Respectful attire (covered torso, including shoulders and covered legs, including knees) must be worn by male and female guests at all times.
The rest of the following Park Rules and Regulations can be found at this link

Parking Space

There is a dedicated taxi lane just outside of Dubai Global Village so transportation is not an issue at all. When it comes to parking space. Worry-free and hassle-free since parking space can accommodate everyone.  

What's Inside? 

Entertainment for Everyone

Dubai Global Village has 27 pavilions and representing 75 countries with different cultures. Consisting of retail shops and restaurants.
Each pavillions offers unique products for all the masses. Food restaurants and kiosks are available as well.

And each Pavillion has its own unique designs. From New York to Paris. Turkey to India. And more.

There's  a funfair wherein people can enjoy the thrilling rides such as roller coaster and the infamous Vikings. And of course, reward your self with souvenirs such as these fluffy pillows.

There is a large center stage that caters events for everyone such as a concert that offers live exclusive performances.

Check my facebook live feed here.

And of course, Fireworks. Which is available on specific days. Starts exactly 9 in the evening

Shop More

Tourist and wanderers can enjoy shopping endlessly from the pavilions.  If you love shopping, this is your chance to buy such bargained items, antique collections, clothes, carpets and other products that represent each country and their culture around the world. I am a cheap chap, so this is the time to purchase some goods at affordable prices. And if you are good at bargaining items, then this is the best place to shop.

Share it with the World

For the love of Instagram, Facebook live or tweet it. You name it, They've got it! Make sure that you have enough storage memory on your phone to save those precious pictures.

Here are some of the pictures that I took.

Truly this place is for everyone.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018


 Multicultural Place 

A Safe-haven for  Happiness and Luxury

Different Things to do in Dubai - Visiting  Dubai Miracle Garden

When it comes to futuristic buildings, advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, things that is impossible that becomes possible today.  Dubai is on the top. Leading its way to advancement and a vision for innovation.

They are also famous when it comes to creating some of the popular landmarks that will benefit the
locals and for everyone. Famous as it is -The Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palms and much more.

Apart from these landmarks. One is standing out the crowd and a lot of people from various countries visits this place annually. This is The Dubai Miracle Garden.

The Dubai Miracle Garden

This is my second visit. And I will share with you what are the things I did on this famous tourist spot.

First things first.

Kindly read the following before making a plan.
Click this link for more information.


We are a group of 7 people and we rent a car for a day to accommodate our trip.
For 400 dirhams or $ 109, it's worth it. 66 dirhams each or $18 per pax.

If you desire to travel alone, then you can opt to travel by bus. But since all of us are from Abu Dhabi, We decided to rent a car. Hassle free.

We left Abu Dhabi around 11 AM and by 12 PM we are now at the boundary of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Since my colleagues want to freshen up before arriving at our destination, we got the chance to drop by at Last Exit. It is a unique dining experience offered in a chilled fun and a trailer park environment. Just the boundary of the two Emirates.

Old fashioned cars and RV's Cars that served various foods can be found here.
We were able took some photos. Great photos that are perfect for Instagram.
Here are some of the pictures.

Ticket Costs at Dubai Miracle Garden

We arrived at DMG around 1 PM and a lot of crowds was there. People are falling in line to buy tickets and so we are.
The ticket costs 45 Dirhams or $12.25 cents.

What's Inside?

The last time that I visit this place. The Emirates A380 Airbus doesn't exist. 
I was surprised. They put an Airbus in the middle of the garden. They coated with flowers the entire Airbus. And it is hard to believe yet it was a spectacular view indeed. Clearly, I mention that this emirate can do impossible things right? And they got the certificate of Guinness World of Records for having the largest arrangement forming the shape of airbus a380. That was the 2nd of December 2016.


There's a lot of variety for food to choose from. Fast food such as Pizza Hut, Hardees and more food stalls and food kiosks are available.
For the solo traveler, 50 dirhams budget for food is enough. Around $14 with drinks.

But if you're in a group, I strongly recommend packing your own lunch.
Very economical and it will costs you less. 

Here is the place where you can eat. It is somehow like a food court area. A nice ambiance and a ceiling full of colorful umbrellas forming a shape of a reverse letter U.

Total Expenses

For individual. We paid 136 Dirhams, around $37 per pax.
That includes the entrance ticket, food, and transportation.

Pictures Of the Dubai Miracle Garden Inside

So here are some of the pictures that I took inside of this beautiful garden.



I highly recommend going with a group of friends or family when visiting this place.
Plan to find an alternative way of transportation. It will costs you less. If you are in a group.
Pack some lunch and drinks. It is economical.

And have fun!

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