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Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to Verify Google Adsense Account

How to Verify Google Adsense Account


People tend to get excited once they receive their own personal Adsense pin. And so do I.

A lot of my fellow bloggers particularly in the UAE are asking how was the procedure.

P.O BOX in The UAE

Most of the flats here don't have their own P.O. Box unless you are staying in a villa, so in my case, it's the other way around. If so, you need to reach out to the postal office and opt-out to get a personal P.O. box, in that way,  you will receive a mail and the postal service will deliver it to you.

But not in my case.  Since I can't afford to buy or rent a personal P.O Box as this is a mailbox rental business in the UAE, I opt to call the Emirates Post Group to ask if it's possible to use the public P.O Box. so that the Google Team can send this out without hassle at all.

And for the information of everyone. The P.O. Box of Abu Dhabi Main Post Office Madinat Zayed is 38384.

Make sure that you need to fill out the necessary details on your Adsense account.

Here's the step-by-step for your reference.

Please note that once you reach the Verification Threshold of 10 dollars, A red bar notification will show at the top portion of your Adsense page.

Red Bar Message

Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address

As I have said, make sure that you enter the exact details on your mailing address. As once this message appears on your Adsense page, Google will automatically prepare a PIN and send it to your address.

How to fill out your address?

First, Go to Payments

Second, Choose Manage Settings located below the portion of your Adsense page.

Third, Click on the pencil icon and provide all the necessary details.

That's it! Google Adsense Team will be rolling out your pin within 2 to 4 weeks. 

Note that for UAE Bloggers, Make sure that you need to enter the P.O Box.

If you are working office-based, check your Company, O Box, or if not, then opt to call your nearest postal office and ask for the Public PO Box Number.

As for me, here's my Layout.

Address with P.O Box
Contact Number

That's it!.

Take note that for Public P.O Box, as what I experienced, the staff didn't call me back to inform me that my mail had arrived so as per my instinct and calculations of the days, I opted to visit the post office after 2 weeks and it was there.

So my advice is that you need to check or call the postal office after two weeks if you can't pick this out for yourself, timeframe wise, there might be a tendency that they will send it back to the sender.

And by the way, if you will click the action button on that red message.

Details of your address and a message from the Adsense Team will show this message.
And for you to how to enter the PIN once you have it.

Click the Action option and a message will appear below

When I got my pin, I clicked that action button and entered the pin.

Once you click the Submit Pin, The red bar notif will disappear and you are ready to go for earnings!

Here's my Adsense Mail, delivered at Madinat Zayed Post Office Abu Dhabi

Please note that you need to count an extra 5 more days before counting the two weeks as Adsense will prepare all the necessary steps to roll out to your end.

 Call me childish, but that time I held that piece of paper, I was in the cloud nine. I'm so happy and I am looking forward to the possibilities and outcome of being a publisher... Adsense of course.

Blessings in disguise indeed!

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That's all for now. And thank you for reading my blog.



  1. Is it posible to use my philippine address instead of my UAE addres?

  2. Hi Mac, You need to use your current address which is the UAE.
    Make sure you that your current address and the address in your Adsense is the same with a P.O Box on it. Hope this help you. :)

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