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Monday, October 7, 2019

Virgin Mobile UAE - It is worth it?

Virgin Mobile Sim -  UAE - It is worth it?

Hey Folks! I am back again for another product quick review!

I am going to review about sim card.

Sim Card... Wait, For real?

But why? A lot of products should be reviewed right? But why sim card?
Well I guess, there is a reason why I should review this product and you might change your mind in buying this one (If you are currently residing in the UAE)

 This is my quick unboxing review of Virgin Mobile Sim in the United Arab Emirates.

First things first,

The reason I bought this sim card is because of its prepaid offers. It's very affordable compared to its competitor.

Second, the E-Sim feature. I recently enquired about e-sim offers on other major carriers however I find it a bit costly. Then I decided to choose the virgin mobile as its very affordable and its a bang for my wallet.

So before I start unboxing. Let me share with you what happened an hour before I unbox it.

Virgin Megastore at Alwahda Mall Abu Dhabi, UAE

What's the process?

I went to Virgin Megastore in Alwahda Mall,  And a friendly sales agent assisted me and walked me through on activating the sim card.

And by the way, the reason why I bought this sim card, Is that I want to try E-SIM.
iPhone 11 can support E-SIM. So I decided to go with Virgin Mobile, (despite its unavailability at the moment)

The procedure went very well. No paper works were signed. Everything is digital, even my signature is digitally signed. After the verification using my emirates i.d, I made a payment via master card. The guy offered me 50 dirhams package which consists of the following:

  • 50 local mins
  • 2.5 gigabyte of data

Is it affordable? Expensive? or...

Pretty reasonable for its cost. Well, if you are planning not to use the current offer, you have the option to pause and/or reload at least 10 dirhams via the virgin mobile app or in-store or grocery shops. Ensure to have that maintaining balance to prevent any service interruption or getting your sim card expired.

Other plan offers are available. Including their semi and annual plans with *50 % off

And the Virgin Mobile App...

Speaking of the mobile app. All your data and local minutes or any changes on your account shall be processed thru the Virgin Mobile App.


At the moment, the e-sim feature is currently unavailable but if you are planning to move via e-sim, You can do that on the virgin mobile app, no need to visit the store. Pretty straight forward right? And the good news? It's free of charge! No additional fees!


And among other carriers, Virgin Mobile can support 5G too!
At the moment only a few 5G devices are available.

And I would like to commend the sales agent who assisted me at Virgin Megastore.
Thank You Mr. "James Bond" 😉

So let's start!

The packaging is pretty minimal. No dramas, small packaging that contains your sim card and your data.

However, Kudos to the team who designed the packaging. The resemblance of the iPhone packaging seems similar to this one.

And did I mention about stickers? Apple does... Virgin has it too!

And it comes with a sim ejecting tool. hmm? I wasn't expecting that.

And lastly, documentation: a step by step on how to activate your sim card.

And that's it!

I am still waiting for the email about the update of the e-sim. Once their service is working, then I can go ahead and do the transition.

Once again, thank you so much for reading this content.

And please visit my youtube channel: Ceddy's Random for the version of unboxing video.

Thanks and see you on my next blog!


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