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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Flight Review: Etihad Airways- Abu Dhabi to Manila

Airline Competition

A lot of competitive airlines nowadays are emerging in the market. And one of them is Etihad Airways.

Preparation for the Flight

I had 2 months ahead before my vacation to decide which airline I needed to book. Of course, I need to find a promotional offer. A relative of mine offered me a discount.

Which is which?

Emirates Airline, Philippine Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Cebu Pacific are available however I  decided to go with Etihad Airways as I heard a lot of positive reviews from this airline.


Etihad Airways is a flag carrier and the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi International Airport. 


Since I am residing in Abu Dhabi (City Centre) it is very easy and convenient for me to drop off my luggage and proceed to an early check-in at the City Terminal (near Abu Dhabi Mall) 24 hours before the flight.

All travel documents will be provided once your check-in is done, including your boarding pass.  
You have the option as well to do online check-in to their Etihad Mobile App or directly to their website (hassle-free).


My flight was at 10 AM the other day so I had still plenty of time to prepare for my flight.
The bus which is going to the Terminal 2 of Abu Dhabi International Airport is Bus A1. For more information about the bus timing, you can download the DARB Mobile App.

Upon reaching the airport, I reached out to the counter for my check-in and was advised to proceed next to the security control section. 

Everything was on a smooth process, After the security check, I proceeded to the assigned gate (22).
I got the chance to see some planes while I was on my way to the gate - Planespotting. 

The waiting time for the gate to be opened was approximately half an hour.
A service bus picked us up and went straight to the tarmac where the plane was waiting.

The Etihad Boeing 777-300er

The plane was A Boeing 777-300er with a seating configuration of 3 x 4 x 3.
It comes with a Pearl Business for Business Class and Coral Economy for Economy Class. 

This is my second time flying with Etihad Airways, The first one was my Kuala Lumpur Trip way back in 2015.

In-flight Amenities

In-flight amenities 

It's not good or bad. For the IFE (Audio and Video). The headset is perfectly working. 

The E-box (the personal entertainment system) was having some issues with the touchscreen panel. There is a latency every time you touch the screen. Even the controller is a bit confusing to use for navigation.

However, I love the movies being played on their IFE (in-flight entertainment) Hollywood to Asian movies, and some latest music (western to Middle Eastern music) Taylor Swift's Album is available as well. Kids Entertainment such as Peppa Pig is also available.

AC Port

All seats in this aircraft have an AC power port. I tested to charge my iPhone via USB and it's perfectly working. However, It takes longer to get fully charged.


salty biscuit and cola

water and fresh towel (wet wipes)

Before, during, and after take-off, they served the food. That consists of salty biscuits before the flight, Dinner is served during the flight and some snacks (sandwich and juice or soda) are served before the landing. I requested another cup of coffee with fresh milk and sugar too after lunch. Fresh towels and water are being offered as well before take-off.

sandwich and apple juice before landing

coffee after lunch

with fresh milk

They Offer European,  Asian, and Middle Eastern meals. The food was perfect. They have a menu as well for your reference. Etihad offers as well with any dietary needs, just inform them before the reservation 24 hours before.
I love how the flight attendant caters to the passengers promptly. 
They offered a full meal and I didn't complain at all. It was a wholesome experience.


The Lavatory of the Aircraft is okay.
Nothing to see, but they maintain the cleanliness, and it odor odor-free. 
The space of the lavatory is just right for you to move freely inside, and hand sanitizer and tissue are available as well.


Though I didn't pay for extra legroom. There was sufficient space for the seat as the coral economy seat's width was 17.5 and the pitch was 31. It's just right.


Etihad provides a blanket, neck pillow, and an amenity kit as well which consists of an eye mask, face tissue, ear plugs, and a toothbrush with toothpaste during the flight.

We experience mild turbulence. As the Pilot advised us to fasten our seatbelt for safety reasons and the cabin crew was doing the same.

Travel time from Abu Dhabi to Manila takes 9 hours and 5 minutes (depending if not late) And it is nonstop.

The IFE has the feature to provide the estimated time of arrival to your destination (ETA) as well as the camera viewfinder of the aircraft to see what is below the aircraft.

Cabin Crew Service

Etihad is well known for its highest class when it comes to service. No wonder they were rated by Skytrax as a Certified 5-Star Airline. Though I find the cabin crew service was not excellent but it's good. 
Another cabin crew was in a hurry to distribute the food and without smiling at all. Just a straightforward question which food do I need to eat. That's all. No other question nor a smile on her face. 

I was able to sleep for a few hours  before landing at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)


So far, My whole travel experience for the second time with Etihad has been good.
However, I find that the Aircraft looks aged already.
The food was good.
IFE was good
Overall service including the Cabin Crew Service was Good.

Do I recommend flying with Etihad?

It's a Yes. But make sure to check some promo offers before flying with them as the ticket rises es, especially during holidays.

Thanks for reading my flight review.

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