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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ninebot Segway Review

Ninebot Segway  Quick Unboxing Review

commuting from work with a kick scooter

 Kick Scooter, Is it worth it?

For many people, the commute to work involves cars, buses or trains.
There are few who cycle, walk or run to the office.

But what if, there was a fun more way to get to work?
That's exactly the thought that crossed my mind when I saw my room-mate riding on a kick scooter.

I recently transferred to another workplace. And I need to pay extra cash for my bus transportation every day. Worst part? When the bus leaves you behind and the last option is to ride via taxi. And it's too expensive. Then I decided to buy a kick scooter for a long term investment.

I saw a promotional offer of Segway Kick Scooter ES2 at Virgin Megastore. But before buying it. I read some reviews and watched some videos, reviewed on youtube. Then, Finally,  I decided to buy one.

Unboxing and Quick Review

Without further ado, Here is my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot ES2 Kick Scooter.

What's on the Outside?

 The Box of the Ninebot Kick Scooter looks promising on the outside. Though I find it very heavy to carry. 
Hello Baby

 What's on the Inside?


Hey Beastie Baby 😉

Here is the Baby. The kick-scooter is foldable. So you need to carefully unfold it. It's pretty heavy though. Around 20 kgs.

Manuals and Documentation

Of course, Manuals and documentation. The Infographic instruction manual will guide you in setting up the scooter.

Brake and Accelerator  

The "Brain" of the scooter. 4 pairs of screws to be connected on the body of the scooter to get attached.

Connect the tag

 See the blue tag? You need to connect that on the same blue tag on the scooter itself. Just like a lego.

 It comes with a screwdriver 

 to adjust the screw (of course)...

 And the screws...

Power Brick and Charger

The power brick and chargers are very handy. It is similar to a charger of your laptop.

And that's my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter ES2.

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