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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Al Bahar at the Corniche | Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Al Bahar at the Corniche | Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Hey Hey Hey! Ceddy Here!

I'm back again for another travel review.
This time, I am writing about Al Bahar Corniche,  still here in the lovely city of Abu Dhabi.

Beach Please!

Al-Bahar is a beautiful beachfront overlooking the Arabian Gulf and Marina Mall. This was open to the public, in last first quarter of 2018.

Every time I hang out in this place, I always buy a coffee at Tim Hortons (yay! my favorite double-double coffee!) speaking of coffee, there are a lot of retail shops and food stalls here in a stylish "unit".

Some of the retail shops are selling souvenirs like keychains and t-shirts even a nutrition shop that sells whey protein is available ('cause there is an outdoor gym here folks).

They have a Happy Pill... I got a Happy Place 😀

I call it my "Happy Place". This is where I write content, It's very peaceful and very relaxing.  I can focus and think of any ideas as I am free from distractions. 

Events like concerts are usually held in this area as the beachfront has a coverage of 80,000 sqm mixed-use of 48 retail shops and dining.  Pretty wide area right?

What's on Al Bahar?

The developer of Al Bahar created a variety of sports facilities on the beachfront. Volleyball and basketball courts, outdoor gym and football pitches and it is free to use for everyone.

Safety and Security

Worry-free as lifeguards and security guards monitor the area. So you worry free about any unforeseen circumstances.


If you have a car, Al Bahar offers a valet service too.

Bus numbers 11 and 71 pass by at Al Bahar. If you are a tourist and staying for a week in the city. You can buy a weekly pass on the big ticket machine which is available at every bus stop. It will cost you 50 dirhams or if you want a monthly pass, that will cost you 80 dirhams. You have the option as well to reload or buy a card at the Abu Dhabi bus station. Bus card is usable for 5 years.

If you are not into bus commuting, Try to hail a cab. Inform the taxi driver that you are going to Al Bahar at Corniche and that's it.

Bright Lights | Serene Place

At night, the pristine beachfront turns into a serene place where family and friends gather together and spend some quality time. Lovely lightbulbs are carefully cross-hanged into each unit. Indoor seating is available if you don't prefer the climate outside. Indoor seating comes with a television inside and has a second-floor

Wood directional signs will guide you to reach the spot that you want to visit.

More pictures 😀

So, Is it worth it?

Yes! Definitely! If you love beachin' out or just to enjoy the cool breeze of the Arabian Gulf, try to hang out on this place. It's a one-stop place for everything. Combining the dining and retail experience over the beachfront. Simply the best thing to hang out during the weekend or weekdays.
I highly recommend visiting the place around 5:30 PM. Less humid and less temperature by this time.

And by the way, If you are planning to visit the city of Abu Dhabi or (Dubai perhaps), but have no idea where to go and where to start. I strongly suggest that you book via Klook by clicking this Link. Affordable tour package at reasonable prices, If you don't have any mobile data or prepaid pocket WiFi- it can provide you too. You can skip the queue upon paying the ticket by just presenting your QR code on your mobile app. It's very convenient. And those are the only few services among the hundreds that Klook can offer. Give it a try and see for yourself :)

Thanks for reading my review.
See you on my next blog!


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