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Monday, June 10, 2019

Flight Review: Air Arabia - Sharjah UAE to Tbilisi Georgia

Here we go again!

Another Flight Review

I am back again for another flight review.  My recent trip to Tbilisi Georgia was superb that I'm so excited to write a flight review with the airline that I recently fly with.

I am talking about Air Arabia, their global hub is situated at  Sharjah International Airport, located on the third emirate itself, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

photo credits to Under Consideration

Second Time Flying With Them

This is my second time to fly with them. First was 2 years ago, going to Yerevan, Armenia, and for the second time, I opt to choose to fly with them again. As they have reasonable airfare offer.

The Aircraft; Airbus A320

The aircraft that we flew was an Airbus A320. This is my all time favorite aircraft among the fleet of the A320 operator. Air Arabia's current fleet consists of 52 new Airbus A320 and 1 A321 aircraft. I am looking forward to flying with there new a321 neo. At the moment, they are currently operating two aircraft types.

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

all photo credits to Air Arabia 

Waiting Time

I reached the airport around 5 in the morning as I travel from Abu Dhabi. And the shuttle service timing was 3 AM. My flight was 8 AM. So time management is needed. I still have plenty of time. After checking in and passing thru the immigration. I had the chance to sip some caffeine while having a face-time with my Aunt in the Philippines. Ahhh. Now this vacay 101 😉

Selfie As Always

I always take a selfie before going inside the aircraft. For those people who frequently travel, they really don't mind it. But I am always fascinated with these giant steel bird.

Up, Up Away!

Anyways, without further ado, here is my flight review of Airbus A320 of Air Arabia.

Mobile check-in is open 24 hours before the scheduled flight, so I was able to choose my own seat. Of course, My favorite choice of seat is near the wing of the aircraft. My seat is 22F. There were few travelers at the moment.

photo credits from seat plan 

Pick And Drop

A320 baby!

What To Expect Inside?

So what to expect inside the aircraft?... Hmm...

No IFE, But...

Well, there is no in-flight entertainment apart from the shared screen monitor located at the middle of the aisle. The in-flight magazine is available wherein you can buy some duty-free stuff, snacks and hot meals. Make sure to carry along your tablet or phone to keep you entertained during the duration of the flight. And switch it to airplane mode.

In-flight magazine


Or enjoy the view beneath your window.  Perfect for Instagram.

Service During The Flight

The duration of the flight was 3 hours and 15 mins.
During the flight, cabin crews are offering food and beverages. So you have the option to purchase snacks and/or ready pack meals. Payment is either by local currency or debit/credit cards. You can also pre-order your meals or snacks online.

Buttered chicken is delicious

complete meal at affordable price

What's More?

The lavatory is pretty clean. Nothing much to find anything here apart from the hand sanitizer and tissues. The lavatory is pretty small compared to the lavatory of Boeing 777-300 from Etihad. And as always. No smoking is allowed in the lavatory.

A Bit Warm

I find it a bit warm inside the aircraft especially when we are near the aerospace of Georgia.
The same experience that I had when I travel to Armenia.

No Amenities

No amenities where provided, maybe (I guess) this was just a short flight. But it would be better if they will provide at least a refreshing towel or a face spray instead.

Customer Service

The cabin crews are very friendly. My previous trip with them to Armenia, surprisingly, there was a Filipino cabin crew. And I was expecting another Filipino cabin crew. But none. Anyways, the cabin crew was friendly and accommodating. They ensure that we are comfortable during the flight and they cater to our needs.

Friendly cabin crews

Friendly cabin crews


I never encounter any turbulence during the flight except my previous flight with Etihad traveling to the Philippines.

Seating Pitch

So far this the most spacious economy cabin seat pitch (measured from the same point on one seat to the same point on the seat in front). Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 76 cm is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are. I really don't mind it as I am 160 cm. It's just right.

Rate wise. 

I would definitely rate them 8 out of 10.
The only missing part? Well if they have an IFE per cabin seat and a free amenity kit. It would be great! Friendly cabin crews and a nonturbulence experience with them.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ninebot Segway  Quick Unboxing Review

commuting from work with a kick scooter

 Kick Scooter, Is it worth it?

For many people, the commute to work involves car, buses or trains.
There are few who cycle, walk or run to the office.

But what if, there was a fun more way to get to work?
That's exactly the thought that crossed my mind when I saw my room-mate riding on a kick scooter.

I recently transferred to another workplace. And I need to pay extra cash for my bus transportation every day. Worst part? When the bus leaves you behind and the last option is to ride via taxi. And it's too expensive. Then I decided to buy a kick scooter for a long term investment.

I saw a promotional offer of Segway Kick Scooter ES2 at Virgin Megastore. But before buying it. I read some reviews and watched some videos, reviewed on youtube. Then, Finally,  I decided to buy one.

Unboxing and Quick Review

Without further ado, Here is my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot ES2 Kick Scooter.

What's on the Outside?

 The Box of the Ninebot Kick Scooter looks promising on the outside. Though I find it very heavy to carry. 
Hello Baby

 What's on the Inside?


Hey Beastie Baby 😉

Here is the Baby. The kick-scooter is foldable. So you need to carefully unfold it. It's pretty heavy though. Around 20 kgs.

Manuals and Documentation

Of course, Manuals and documentation. The Infographic instruction manual will guide you in setting up the scooter.

Brake and Accelerator  

The "Brain" of the scooter. 4 pairs of screws to be connected on the body of the scooter to get attached.

Connect the tag

 See the blue tag? You need to connect that on the same blue tag on the scooter itself. Just like a lego.

 It comes with a screwdriver 

 to adjust the screw (of course)...

 And the screws...

Power Brick and Charger

The power brick and chargers are very handy. It is similar to a charger of your laptop.

And that's my quick unboxing review of the Segway Ninebot Kick Scooter ES2.

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Thanks and have a good one 😀


Monday, May 6, 2019

Technology Everywhere...

We cannot deny the fact that technology is almost everywhere. We use it on our daily basis. AI or Artificial Intelligence being used in this modern era. From your car to your smartphones, everything. And one thing that caught my attention these days, is the rise of smart speakers.

Gone Are The Days...

As far as I remember, Smart speaker was firstly introduced by Amazon, 5 years ago.
I was not interested in it before, as I am happy with my iPhone 6splus that comes with Siri too (It was a big deal for me since I am locked to the Apple Ecosystem). Don't get me wrong. I love Siri, Siri is very smart. Though I find it difficult for Siri to pick up my voice especially if the device is connected to big speakers or if I'm using my Airpods,  or sometimes it will freeze, but that's another story.

The Echo Dot 3...

Anyways, Back to Echo Dot 3. Things changed drastically and fast forward this 2019, I decided to purchase one of Amazon's latest smart speaker. With smart speakers, like the Echo Dot 3, It can do anything. You can ask to play a music or your curated playlist , it can control your Audio/Visual System or simply asking to set a timer or alarm, it can book a lyft or Uber or order some paper towels or check the weather forecast, check some nearby restaurants, make a phone call and the list goes on and on. So far, I ask Alexa to set an alarm, loop my playlist and order some food on the nearby restaurant, which is very convenient.

Why I Choose This Smart Speaker?...

The main reason why I bought this smart speaker, it's because of the "personal assistant" thing.
When I started using it. It's now easy for me to check my scheduled appointments and meetings with my boss and client, and Alexa can remind me about any scheduled meetings.
I can ask Alexa to send an immediate reply from the clients without opening my other pc  (I am using a laptop and a pc simultaneously and its difficult for me to swap every time
just to respond). It's very helpful and hands-free as well. It helps me a lot to increase my productivity.

So without further ado, Here is my unboxing review of the Amazon Echo Dot 3

Small Packaging, Comes with Big Features

And so does the box itself. I purchase the Amazon Echo Dot 3 for $55 dollars or 199 dirhams.
I was thinking to buy its counterpart, the Google Home Mini, but after reading some reviews, I decided to go with Echo Dot 3, cause it can support a 3.5 mm output jack to connect your external speakers that Google Home Mini doesn't have.

Enough of the outside. Let's check what's inside

Hmmm.. I thought the color was black. But kinda, Echo Dot 3 is available from 3 colors.
Heather Gray, Charcoal and Sandstone (white)... 

The previous 2nd generation of Echo Dot was a bit more looking cheap, a plasticky feel.
However, the 3rd generation looks neat and more stylish. The mesh fabric coated on the echo dot 3 is more looking better and the built quality is superb.

What's more inside?

The echo dot 3 comes with U.S.A standard adapter.
I was surprised because I thought they will supply a power cord intended for UAE consumer, however its different. They had included the same power cord which they use in the USA. Good thing, my extension cord can support any adapter prongs.

And of course, Documentations...As always

Manual guides and some leaflets for your information...

And here's the beast...

The oddly satisfying mesh fabric that coats the speaker.
It comes with a minimalist design. Which is very straightforward. 4 buttons and the ring light. That's it

Echo Dot comes with a feature of Far-Field Voice Recognition.

With the help of the 4 microphones, It can easily detect your voice even you are far from the device.
I tried it and it is impressive. I call "Alexa" 7 meters away and still, it can detect my voice.

So far, I am highly satisfied with this product and I am planning to add more accessories from it.
I'm looking forward to purchasing a table lamp which is currently supported by Alexa. Manufacturers like Philips Hue has it. For now, I am still discovering more of its features...

Though this smart speaker is not for everyone, It's good to try at least once in a while. To experience this type of technology was a game changer for me. I remember seeing this on a sci-fi drama and now, it became a reality.

Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review.

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