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Thursday, August 9, 2018

logo of Apple Music

Technology that affects our way of living...

21st Technology had gone further as our way of living had changed and our lifestyle had a major upgrade as well.
And I can't deny that I adapt to this way of living.

Major Throwback...

A major throwback (When I was in a primary )that I remember when we used to have a Sony radio cassette recorder at home (until now it still exist that my Aunt used to listen to some news or local radio drama). 
I usually listen to the FM Radio and when my favorite track will be played on air then I will activate the record button on the radio that comes with a blank tape so that the radio will record it from the cassette tape. 

Gone are the days...

Compact disc player emerges during 2005. The popularity of this compact disc player has forced me  to buy one of it ( actually the cassette tapes are no longer available and it is almost phasing out that time) 

I had an old-school PC ever and is capable of transferring music in the CD. Though some hardware is not available for burning some disc that time and later on, my friend helped me out to upgrade it. So this is the time where I learned how to "Burn" music to the disc. Burning music to the CD might take time and the music that you can transfer depends on the size of the disc. Once done, you can insert the disc into any cd player and enjoy listening to it.

Fast forward-  My college days during 2009, The MP3 Player emerge and is very popular that a lot of Chinese manufacturers who sells the mp3 player is everywhere.  I used to download some of my favorite tracks via Limewire or Frostwire without the knowledge that some of them contains viruses that my Avira won't even detect it. Just connect the mp3 player into the computer and a few mins of transfer then you're good to go.
Gone are the days indeed.

Call me A Musicophile -A person who loves to music. 

I bet you have tried one of these tricks before. Just for the love of music.

Fast forward to 2015. I started working in the UAE as an Overseas Filipino Worker. 
Have I mentioned that I'm an Apple enthusiast?

Apple Music: What is all about?

Apple Inc. Introduced the Apple Music last June 30, 2015.  
Apple Music is the new music and video streaming service made by Apple.   And has 40 Million subscribers. This new digital product is there offer in rival with Spotify- The leader and pioneer and music streaming service and has 180 million active subscribers as of July 2018.

Speaking of Apple. I was excited to be one of the 40 million users to get the 3 months free trial. That until today, It is still available.

And I can say that I am highly satisfied with using their service.
Apple Music user interface works perfectly along with the iOS - the operating software of the iPhone.


screenshot via Apple Music Website

It is also available for Android user. Just search the Apple Music in the play store, Sign in using your apple account i.d and presto your playlist will show and have the option to download the music so that you can play it offline.

For those non-Apple users, don't worry as the streaming service is available as well on PC's, Android devices and automobiles that supports apple car play or Bluetooth enabled car system.
I tested the Apple Music via Bluetooth using the car of my cousin a Ford 500 Series and it works perfectly. I am using the apple Music on macbook pro as well. 


One thing that I love about Apple Music is that it comes with a Cloud Locker.
This is the iCloud Music Library- this is the Apple Terms for storing music in your cloud. You can store up to 100,000 music via Apple Music and it doesn't count towards your iCloud storage costs.

Apple Music features massive libraries that come with 45 million tracks. And it offers a high profile album such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Jay-Z. That's a major advantage for Apple Music subscribers and they get the tracks as earliest compared to other music streaming service.

Apple Music is available as well with the Apple's Siri Homepod Speaker.

Features and Availability

For the Curated Content- Apple Music provide an intuitive option. So that users can easily browse there preferred content.

Options availability under the Browse Tab are as follows:

New Music - See the latest tracks by artist curated by Apple

Playlist- See the featured playlist curated by Apple and other playlist listed among other users

Music Videos- See the latest apple music videos as per popularity as well.

Top Charts- See the top charts

Genre- You will find the Genre that you currently follow and all other genres listed as well.

Apple Music has partnered with Beats 1 Radio.

Other "Radio Stations" is available as well.

Apple Music has a social media integration as well. It allows you to add friends and allow their icons appear to what they are listening to. It reminds me of the Blackberry Messenger Service.


Please take note that Apple Music is not available in other countries, so might you want to check this link for your reference.


Apple Music Free Trial

courtesy of Apple Music 

So, if you want to subscribe to Apple Music, You have the chance to get free for 3 Months.
Later, If you are satisfied and decided to use the service, you will charge every month and will be credited on your debit or credit card or your telco provider (if they offer the service as well).

For the Apple Music Membership. Here's the Pricelist:

Family ( 1 Month ) AED 29.99

Individual (1 Month ) AED 19.99

Individual ( 1 Year ) AED 199.00

Student ( 1 Month ) AED 9.99

All prices mentioned are inclusive with VAT.
For more information about the pricing in your currency. You can visit this link for your reference.

Economical Wise...

Being Economical is important nowadays, and I can see that most People are using mobile apps that are capable of downloading music content and listen to it offline without paying at any cost.  And I don't deny that I'm one of them.
However, As what I have mentioned before, This technology thing had changed our lifestyle or the way we leave today. And outdated is a thing of the past.

I'm a Musicophile, I'm obsessed with Music and I will do anything, even paying for premium just to listen to those tracks and more. As this is the only reason why it makes my day so productive.

So what are your thoughts about the streaming service?
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Next time again...


Thursday, August 2, 2018

HotPot Buffet Restaurant

Little Lamb Buffet

What's in Abu Dhabi?

Buffet Restaurants in Abu Dhabi are all over the places.
Offering a variety of food choices like kinds of seafood and unlimited drinks.

If you visit Abu Dhabi, You shouldn't miss trying to eat in this restaurant.

What is Hotpot?

A Hotpot

Have you heard about Hotpot?
Hotpot is a Chinese cooking method, prepared with a simmering pot of soup stock at the dining table, containing a variety of East Asian foodstuffs and ingredients (c) - Wikipedia

Word of mouth- Got invited

A friend of mine invited me to eat at this restaurant.
I've been to a different restaurant which serves Hotpot so I already knew what is all about.
But in comparison, I prefer to choose this. I'll explain why. So just keep reading below. :)

Where and What?

This Hotpot is the Little Lamb Hotpot Xiao Wei Yang 
Located back side of the Al Wahda  Mall, Behind Phonex Apartment Hotel Ground Floor at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi.

What's inside?

The ambience of the place is great. The proper lighting of the restaurant is adaptable to our eyes. Since this is a Chinese restaurant, the interior design is somehow fascinating and it reminds me of the Mongolian restaurant that I tried before.

I cannot take pictures of the entire place as some customers are eating and for some privacy reason as well.

More details, please...

Please note that there is a specific timing for the price of the buffet. Luch will cost you 38 dirhams (around 10 USD atm) and dinner until 1 AM will cost 48 dirhams( around 13 USD atm) per head.

The food is delicious with unlimited drinks. 


Though the drinks are unlimited,  You only have 2 choices: either lemonade or orange juice.
Sad to say, the taste of the lemonade is unacceptable. So I decided to drink the orange juice instead. Who cares? Its part of the unlimited offer so I can't complain.

If you want other drinks, they do also sell sodas and iced teas.
I find their hot pot soup excellent. 

Their sauces passed my expectation.

Hotpot with dual flavour

More Pictures, please...

I had taken some pictures during the food trip.
Some of the ingredients that we choose for the hotpot can be found below as well.


So folks, If you are looking for a :

  • Small inexpensive buffet
  • Great Value for money
  • Fresh and lots of selection for buffet hotpot

I highly recommend trying this Hotpot Restaurant.

It gets the job done.

Thanks for reading this review.
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