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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

iPhone 11 Unboxing Review UAE Version

iPhone 11 Unboxing Review UAE Version

Hey hey hey! 

I am back again for another unboxing review.

I am unboxing the new iPhone 11.

So without further ado, here's my quick unboxing review.

De-Facto iPhone?

A handful of leaks of the design of the iPhone are everywhere on the internet. And some critics were not surprised. As the design is still the same.

The design is very familiar with this one because they are the same as the XR XS AND X. Same shape, notch, size as the XR.
And trust me, this phone is pretty big! It took me 3 days to adjust my grip on how to use the device as I felt it quite big. But as time goes by, It's good actually. Felt like the size of the iPhone 11 is just right, like in the goldilocks zone.

Physically, What changes have been made?

To be honest, none of that much was changed. A bit disappointing when I saw the device.

  • The switch
  • speakers
  • aluminum rails 
  • lightning port
  • The LCD display, with 1972x828 resolution.
  • Water-resistance IP68 
  • All physical buttons are just the same compared last time.

Now, you get the idea.

Remember the iPhone 5C? Funky Colors!

It comes with six new colors:

  • black
  • green
  • yellow
  • purple
  • red and 
  • white 

As I notice, all the colors that they chose were more on pastel. And I really like there (Product Red). I really want there (Product Red) as the color is really catchy but the Virgin Megastore was running out of stocks.

And by the way, I would like to appreciate and commend the staffs of Virgin Megastore in Alwahda Mall, for there superb customer service. I really love how they assist customer, especially me, as I am one of there repeat customers. Top-notch service :)

Back to the iPhone, There are two different glass finishes on the back of the iPhone 11
The glossy across the back, where the apple logo is in the middle instead north of the middle.

The size and thickness weight are exactly the same. 8.3 mm thickness and 194 grams,
Apple said that battery life is one hour longer than the iPhone XR.

What's inside the box? The Gorgeous Box.  

As usual. That consist of the following:

  • Documentation Paper + sim ejecting tool
  • Lightning Cable (sadly, no lightning adapter was included, why Apple? )
  • Charging Adapter (The adapter that supplied in the package is not a 5 watt. Why Apple? Seriously?
  • The Earpods

That's it... And of course, the iPhone itself, lol.

Camera? Spell UH-SOME!

The only new thing is the cameras.  Camera square is matt glass finish now.  A New main camera is added the second camera to the iPhone 11 and its ULTRA WIDE.

Here are some of the pictures:

 You now get dual cameras and all the awesome features that come with. Like switching between the lenses while recording videos, so you get 4k regular and from the ultra-wide. The camera square is a matt glass finish. They are all cut from one piece of glass that's milled down to cut the shape out of it.

Portrait mode now  IS with more than just human faces. It does not detect a face to fake a shallow depth of fields with animals and objects.

"Slowfie", Wait, What?

Yes! You read it right! The front-facing camera does support "slowfie". It can record a slow-motion video with its new wide facing camera. iPhone 11 can now support video front-facing up to 60fps plus 4k resolution video. Ughhh.


This is the best camera in a 700 dollars smartphone. In dirhams that would be 2949 AED (with tax)
Arguably in any smartphone, but still it's sort of a toss-up with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

If you want a great camera. this is a great camera. 

What about the price?

The price dropped, starts at $700,  which sort of fits nicely in this gradient of iPhone prices that Apple has created that they've kept around the XR from last year for cheaper and the iPhone 8 for even cheaper.

That's pretty much all.

Do I recommend it?

YES! This is the iPhone that People should get.

But...If you are into more the "Pro" thing, go with the 11 Pro.

Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review of the iPhone 11.

See you on my next blog :)

--Ceddy <3

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