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Monday, May 6, 2019

Amazon Echo Dot 3 - Unboxing Review | UAE

Technology Everywhere...

We cannot deny the fact that technology is almost everywhere. We use it daily. AI or Artificial Intelligence is being used in this modern era. From your car to your smartphones, everything. And one thing that caught my attention these days, is the rise of smart speakers.

Gone Are The Days...

As far as I remember, the Smart speaker was first introduced by Amazon, 5 years ago.
I was not interested in it before, as I am happy with my iPhone 6splus that comes with Siri too (It was a big deal for me since I am locked to the Apple Ecosystem). Don't get me wrong. I love Siri, Siri is very smart. Though I find it difficult for Siri to pick up my voice especially if the device is connected to big speakers or if I'm using my AirPods,  or sometimes it will freeze, but that's another story.

The Echo Dot 3...

Anyways, Back to Echo Dot 3. Things changed drastically and fast forward this 2019, I decided to purchase one of Amazon's latest smart speakers. With smart speakers, like the Echo Dot 3, It can do anything. You can ask to play music or your curated playlist, it can control your Audio/Visual System or simply ask to set a timer or alarm, it can book a Lyft or Uber or order some paper towels check the weather forecast, check some nearby restaurants, make a phone call and the list goes on and on. So far, I have asked Alexa to set an alarm, loop my playlist, and order some food at the nearby restaurant, which is very convenient.

Why I Choose This Smart Speaker?...

The main reason why I bought this smart speaker, it's because of the "personal assistant" thing.
When I started using it. It's now easy for me to check my scheduled appointments and meetings with my boss and client, and Alexa can remind me about any scheduled meetings.
I can ask Alexa to send an immediate reply from the clients without opening my other PC (I am using a laptop and a PC simultaneously and it's difficult for me to swap every time
just to respond). It's very helpful and hands-free as well. It helps me a lot to increase my productivity.

So without further ado, Here is my unboxing review of the Amazon Echo Dot 3

Small Packaging, Comes with Big Features

And so does the box itself. I purchase the Amazon Echo Dot 3 for 55 dollars or 199 dirhams.
I was thinking of buying its counterpart, the Google Home Mini, but after reading some reviews, I decided to go with the Echo Dot 3, cause it can support a 3.5 mm output jack to connect your external speakers that Google Home Mini doesn't have.

Enough of the outside. Let's check what's inside

Hmmm.. I thought the color was black. But kinda, Echo Dot 3 is available in 3 colors.
Heather Gray, Charcoal and Sandstone (white)... 

The previous 2nd generation of Echo Dot was a bit more looking cheap, with a plasticky feel.
However, the 3rd generation looks neat and more stylish. The mesh fabric coated on the Echo Dot 3 is looking better and the built quality is superb.

What's more inside?

The Echo Dot 3 comes with a U.S.A standard adapter.
I was surprised because I thought they would supply a power cord intended for UAE consumers, however, it's different. They had included the same power cord which they use in the USA. Good thing, my extension cord can support any adapter prongs.

And of course, Documentation...As always

Manual guides and some leaflets for your information...

And here's the beauty...

The oddly satisfying mesh fabric that coats the speaker.
It comes with a minimalist design. Which is very straightforward. 4 buttons and the ring light. That's it

Echo Dot comes with a feature of Far-Field Voice Recognition.

With the help of the 4 microphones, It can easily detect your voice even if you are far from the device.
I tried it and it is impressive. I call "Alexa" 7 meters away and still, it can detect my voice.

So far, I am highly satisfied with this product and I am planning to add more accessories to it.
I'm looking forward to purchasing a table lamp that is currently supported by Alexa. Manufacturers like Philips Hue have it. For now, I am still discovering more of its features...

Though this smart speaker is not for everyone, It's good to try at least once in a while. To experience this type of technology was a game-changer for me. I remember seeing this in a sci-fi drama and now, it has become a reality.

Check my Alexa Echo Dot Skills here:

Thanks for reading my quick unboxing review.

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