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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019 

Hello Guys! Ceddy. And I am back again for another gadget quick unboxing review.

And for today's unboxing review, I am going to unbox the best budget smart band for 2019.

This is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

This smart band is the latest edition of their Mi Band Series.

So without further ado, Let's start this quick review.

Let's take a look at the small packaging...

This beauty smart band is packed in straightforward packaging.
The vertical packaging is pretty small fact the smart band is small yet quite light. too
It comes with an embellished logo of the number 4 which is oddly satisfying if you caress it with your finger (Uhm, is it the right word of choice to describe? pun not intended 😅 )

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Side-by-side details...

Well, As always, here are the side details of the packaging. It's my intention to show it as some of the viewers want to see. So yep, there you go..

And the packaging comes with a sexy back 😁

Sharing the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4


Water Resistance Rating5 ATM

Display TypeAMOLED

Screen Size0.95"

Resolution120 x 240 RGB

Colour Depth24bit

Screen brightness to 400 nits (max brightness), brightness adjustable

Touchscreen type-cell capacitive touchscreen

Screen protection2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating

ButtonSingle touch button (wake up, go back)

Wrist strap type removable wrist strap
(Mi Smart Band 4 is compatible with Mi Band 3 straps)

Wristband width18mm

Wrist strap material thermoplastic polyurethane

Adjustable wrist strap length155-216mm



Sensors3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope;
PPG heart rate sensor;
Capacitive proximity sensor

Wireless connectivityBT5.0 BLE

BatteryLiPo, 135mAh

Charging Type2Pin Pogo Pin

Charging time≤ 2 hours

Standby time up to 20 days

Motor TypeRotor

Body material polycarbonate

AppMi Fit

System requirements 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above

And its features

Sport Functions6 workout modes: Treadmill, exercise, outdoor running,
cycling, walking, pool swimming; Count steps, distance,
and calories burned

Health monitoring workout completion notifications, goal setting, sleep monitoring,
heart rate monitoring, all-day heart rate checking, resting
heart rate, heart rate chart, idle alerts

Other features include a proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, customizable watch face,
lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm, and notifications, incoming
calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications,
the weather forecast, Find my phone, phone unlock, event notification,
Night mode, Do not disturb mode (works even without phone), music
controls on band, Bluetooth broadcasting, battery level display, different
ways to wear, OTA updates

Package Contents 

I find it fascinating to see the visuals below.
The visual contents are screengrab to Xiao Mi's Website. You can see the full list of specs here

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

Personal experience using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

How much is the price? 

So far, this is the best budget smart band for 2019. The fact that its screen is AMOLED with a price of 139 dirhams or $38. You couldn't find anywhere in the market with such a competitive product. 

Small beast yet powerful features in one...

If you are a health-conscious person and have an active lifestyle, I highly recommend this product. I've been using the product for a month and I even wear it at night to monitor my sleep cycle. The battery lasts up to a month for a single charge and it can take 2 hours to complete the charging cycle. 

One of my favorite features as well is...

The vibrating feature is very helpful as it makes me awake on time, especially in the morning.
My circadian rhythm changes from time to time as my scheduled rota at work varies and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 helps me to monitor my sleeping cycle.

Here's a screenshot of my sleeping cycle via the MI APP.

Other than that, my favorite feature among the 15 features of the band is the steps. You can set daily steps for a day and once you have reached that goal, the smart band will vibrate and you can see the stats and achievements as well in the MI BAND APP.

And of course, It can check your bits per minute of your heart rate. 

Notifications to keep you updated every time...

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has an extra feature to let you know that a specific app is active. Once an application receives a notification from your phone, it auto synchronizes to the band and you will get all the information right away from your smart band 4 with a vibration. The smart band is connected via Bluetooth and does not need any mobile data at all. Pretty convenient.   However, It doesn't have a built-in GPS, rather it relies only on the GPS of your mobile device.


The powerful AMOLED DISPLAY is very impressive in the fact that most AMOLED smart bands are only available on higher-end smart band watches  (and it's pretty expensive). But don't underestimate the power of the smart band 4. 

You can read the information on the smart band's face during the broad daylight. Thanks to the AMOLED.  The smart band's face is customizable as well.

Here, you can see the picture of Mitsuo (my dog)

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Best Budget Smart Band 2019

So that's it for now. I hope I was able to help you decide if you are planning to buy a smart band and invest for a long time.

If you are searching for a budget smart band. This is the best smart band in the market at the moment.
Just don't expect a GPS built-in, As it relies only on the GPS of your device.

Other than that, It's the best budget smart band for 2019.

Thanks for reading my quick review.

And see you again on my next blog :)


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