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Monday, October 15, 2018

Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia: Truly Asia

Year of Festivals & Endless Celebrations 


This was my first time to travel out of the country. The first country that I ever visited was Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia 3 years ago *in 2015.

Finally, I was able to write this content after 3 years, Thanks to Apple Support, I was able to retrieve all the pictures on my previous iCloud account.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

At the KLIA Arrival

Before heading out to the United Arab Emirates, I decided to have a tour first in Kuala Lumpur for 3 days and 2 nights. 

Travel Time

The travel time from Iloilo City, Philippines via Manila to Kuala Lumpur takes 6 hours and 55 minutes.
Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying parts of the Malay peninsula and the island of Borneo.

I booked the trip alone without any accompaniment and so when I arrived at the KLIA Arrival, a representative was waiting outside holding a signage with my name on it.

Hotel Accommodation

The hotel is rated 2.5 by Trip Advisor. The hotel is so simple, no fancy things. If you don't expect anything but for sleeping only, this is the Hotel that I can recommend. The hotel is near to the shopping complex and the place was quite also near the city center. Bed and breakfast are also available.

Day 01

Since It's my Day 1. I decided to take some rest a bit and went to the City Center to check for some food to eat.
It's 12:35 AM,  no shops are open and I am in a hurry and starving, so I decided to buy some cup noodles in a 24/7 convenience store. Went back to the hotel and took a rest.

Day 02

Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast Timings was 8: AM. I was alone in the morning and no other guests were available at that time. Omelet egg, coffee, bread, and beans.

I waited for half an hour for the driver to pick me up.

This was A half-day SIC City Tour.
The trip was a journey through the central city to view the Moorish Architecture.

First Stop :

Istana Negara: King's Palace


The King's Palace is so beautiful. We are at the main gate. And outside the gate guards stand still which is similar to the British Guards. It was the residence of the King, way back in 2011.
Were allowed to take a photo of them. I had even one.

Pictures below:

Second Stop:

National Museum

Much of the National Museum’s original collection of artworks was razed during a World War II bombing. Its impressive collection starts with ritual weddings and the way how Malaysians lived before (fishing, weaving, and more).

There's a life-size traditional house as well. I am not sure what is the name of that traditional house, however, the house was fully decorated with gold and silver ornaments. And it comes with very intricate details. There are also traditional musical instruments in the museum.

Here are the pictures that I took within the vicinity of the Museum:

Third Stop:

National Monument

The National Monument was built in dedication to Malaysia's Soldiers who died during the emergency struggle for freedom, principally against the Japanese occupation during World War II and the Malayan Emergency, which lasted from 1948 until 1960.

A spacious massive land with a perfect landscape will welcome you. The spot is overlooking the City Center. If you want to unwind and spend some time with your family or have a short walk. This is the best place to unwind.

Some pictures below:

Fourth Stop:

Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

After Petronas Twin Tower the famous landmark of Kuala Lumpur. Next to it is the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. It's the unique Anglo-Asian architecture in the region.

Had some pictures below:

Fifth Stop:

Malaysia Batik

Malaysia Batik is a textile art in Malaysia.
Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth.

It is the national identity of Malaysia, their National Costume, and part of their cultural heritage.

Interesting pictures below:

Sixth Stop:

The Chocolate Kingdom

If you are a chocolate lover, this would be your chocolate heaven.
We stop over to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom to sample some local chocolates.
Wide selection of chocolates to choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

An interesting exhibition and if you have kids, surely they will love this place.
Note: I was not able to take more pictures as my phone's battery was about to die. My spare battery was left on the bus. :(

Here are some of the pictures:

Seventh and Last Stop :

Petronas Twin towers

The Twin Tower is named after Petroliam Nasional Company, as the company owns the towers, and Tower One is fully occupied by the company as its headquarters.  Tower Two, however, was leased by some of the giant companies, such a few were Microsoft and IBM.

Unfortunately, the spot where we took a picture was too far from our location, and the weather conditions were foggy. It's just outside of the Chocolate Kingdom.  Good thing, I was able to take a few snaps before as the service van was able to pass by near the Tower before the tour began.

Here are some of the pictures below:

After the tour, I transferred back to the hotel and at leisure.
So I still have the time to discover and roam around the City Center.

At Leisure:

Berjaya Times Square

One of the largest shopping malls in the region. It has a large food court, an amusement area, and an indoor roller coaster. You can ask for a bargain from selected shops which are comparable in the market outside the mall.

Branded boutiques are available as well such as Burberry and Giordano to name a few.

Here are some pictures below:

Day 03:

Breakfast and Free day

I still have a few more hours for my check out and I got the chance to roam again in the City.
Bought some souvenirs and returned back to the hotel.

Some pictures around the city center:

Check out at 12:00 PM and transport to the Airport.

So far, that's my 3-day stay in Malaysia.  I think 3 days is not enough to visit all the places and there are still more beautiful spots to visit.

Thanks for reading my content.

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