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Monday, January 8, 2018

Why Apple Ecosystem Is Better Than Other Counterparts



The introduction of this article might sound odd to you. 
But as others might not know. The features and the products within their ecosystem are unique in their category and not many other platforms can't compete with the unique features that Apple offers.

I've been an avid user of their products since 2011. Their product has been able to help me boost my productivity since I work as a freelance blogger and for some of my part-time online jobs.

Once you start to use the product, you will think twice about transferring to another ecosystem. Particularly to Windows or Linux.

iCloud - Integration Seamlessly

This is a cloud storage program intended to save your files and photos. 
It uses a cloud storage plan available associated with your account. All Apple users have a free 5GB Storage. If your iCloud is full then you have options to choose from the plans.
Starting from the prices below.

50GB: AED 3.69
200GB: AED 10.99
2TB: AED 36.99
Please refer to the link below for the pricing to other countries.

I never use a flash drive ever,  since I started using their iCloud Services. 
The best part? It synchronizes all your files across your devices.

If I want to save a specific document to my iMac and save it to the cloud.
Then I can view it later on my iPad, MacBook, or iPhone.

This feature is very convenient since you don't need to use any flash storage to transfer to another device. You need to have an internet connection across these devices, and then iCloud will do the rest.
This is similar to iCloud Photo Backup.

Apple can keep you in its ecosystem with features like these.

 iCloud Photo Backup 

I always use the Apple photo backup in my photo library. So if I took a video or picture on that day. iCloud will upload it to the cloud once I plug in my phone and connect it to the wifi.
I can access it instantly on my devices.

Operating System 

When it comes to operating systems. Apple created an O.S. that all ages would be able to recognize and for them to use conveniently and easily.


MacOSX is worth it to trying for

For my iMac and MacBook, I am currently using the OSX High Sierra. Their latest operating system.
Compared to Windows Desktop, There is a specific folder from the finder wherein you can save your documents. And it is easy to access and manage your files. This is just one of the features that I like.
For the list of the features.
Please check the link below.

iOS - The Breadwinner of Mobile Apple Integration

For my mobile and tablet. I'm using iPad Mini 4 4G and iPhone 6S Plus.
The user interface is quite simple and no clutter at all. 

All applications are in one place. Just swipe it to move to another page, full of apps that you have. And the File App wherein you can easily access the documents that you saved in the cloud.

Applications - Unlimited, Synchronization, Hassle-Free

Before, Apple was very strict when it came to app content downloads. 
Way back in 2011, I used to download music via the internet, sync it to iTunes, and transfer it to my iPhone.
This is very technical. And some people are not aware of the process.
 However technology arose, and more applications are eligible to download music within the app itself. And you can listen to it freely. 

On June 30, 2015, They launched Apple Music. Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing, curated playlists. (Wikipedia)

Since I am currently residing here in Abu Dhabi, I got the chance to use their streaming service for the price of 19.99 Dirhams, Unlimited streaming for the whole month paid via debit or credit card.

Some people will say it's impractical to use the service since it's a bit expensive. And a lot of applications nowadays can be used to download songs for free.
Yeah, I know, But as a music lover, who cares?  Music enthusiasts will surely understand. 

 Marketing- It entices you to buy the product

The difference between Apple to other companies? 

It's the way how they market their product. They make you feel a personal connection to the product.

When you see an Apple commercial, you just know that it's an Apple commercial.

For example.

Mobile One is advertising new devices having a high processor, high picture quality, and large storage capacity etcetera.

For Apple, every time a new Apple product comes out even they don't add new features to it but the way they shoot the advertisement and how they create the storyline makes you keep buying the newest product.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I always find Apple products overpriced. Not that i cannot afford..:-)