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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to set up your own blog site at a cheaper cost 

Creating a blog site for aspiring bloggers can be a bit complicated, but a little research and DIY can be helpful :) That's why I'm here to help you out :)

Cheaper yet reliable - Domain Registration

How to create a perfect website at a cheaper cost?
A lot of domain hosting services offers packages at affordable plans. 
On which you have the option to pay either monthly or annually.

No need to think about anything in tech related to creating your own blog site.
It's just easy as 1,2,3. Among the hosting providers are Wordpress and Wix.

You get what you pay for. That's it.

Unfortunately, for those first-timers who's the budget is beyond the hosting plan offers.
You might think twice to invest into something that there is no assurance whether you will get the ROI (return on investment) at the earliest. 

Here we go! 

Without further ado, I am going to share some of my DIY to make a perfect blog site at a cheaper cost.


 I am going to share some advice and tips about choosing your domain at a cheaper cost, setting up and starting your new blog site.

There are three ingredients that we need to use for a perfect Blog site:



Gooyabi SEO Template

I use Blogspot as my blog publishing platform and I am using GoDaddy as my domain hosting provider.

For the theme, there are preloaded themes from Blogspot but I opt to download an SEO ready theme from Gooyabi Templates. Lots of options for you to choose from and its Blogspot ready and of course it is free!.

Why purchase a domain?

The reason I am pushing you to create your own blog with a hosted domain?
It looks more reliable, you get the readers trust, secured and it looks more professional than using your blog publishing platform domain such as mywebsite.blogspot.com 

The benefit of using a third-party domain, is you are eligible for the Adsense Monetization Program as this is there main criteria for them to approve your Blog site for monetization.

And of course, you need to create more articles at least 20 post and decent traffic.

Technical Side- Easy, Worry Free

There's a bit technical when you're going to link your host account to blog-spot. Just go to your GoDaddy account, prepare your pin and call their customer service. That's it!

You don't need to worry about it as configuring GoDaddy to your Blogspot account is very easy. 
Upon purchasing a domain, There will be an instruction for you to set it up once you created an account with GoDaddy, If you're still confused, their 24x7 customer service will be helping you out thru out the setup.

I cant share my screenshot for my own settings as these are unique codes that kept to be private.
However, GoDaddy will provide it for you.

How much the total cost?

Total Cost?

Web Domain 

So how much was my total cost for my website?

$200? Nope.

$250? Nah...

$150? hell no!

It's only $ 1!

Yes! It is!

But why?

Here's the catch.

GoDaddy offers a promotion for a year if you want to sign up with them. 
Just pay $1 and that's it! You're good to go.


After a year, you decide if you want to continue with there service.
As for me, I still renewed my hosting service as its better than other domain providers that I tried before. *Satisfied customer here ;) 

And guess what? I got my ROI instantly!  ;) 

Once you're done with the configuration with your GoDaddy Account.
You need to link your third party domain address to Blogspot.

Step by step : 

Check the screenshot below:

After linking. Click the save button. Wait for a few minutes, refresh your browser and voila!
You have your trusted and more professional domain- Blog site.

Themes, Themes, Themes!

As I have mentioned before, There are ready-made themes.
Unfortunately, the theme provided is very limited so I opt to download an SEO Template from Gooya. 

Once you download your desired theme.

Go to the theme section of your Blogspot account

And choose to Restore on the top corner

Click the Choose file and hit Upload

Wait for a few mins. Open another tab and enter your blog site. That's it :)
You have a fresh new site with a new look :)

That's it for now :)

For any questions or comments. Please let me know :)
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See you next time!


Monday, June 4, 2018

Retail Associate

These are the common questions people asked me if they know that I am working in Retail Industry.

''You work in retail? Wow!''

''Do you have staff discount? Can you give me?''

For some, it's awkward, for me, its normal. It's my perks anyway.

Sounds good to hear, is it?

I work in the retail industry for 4 years - that's the summary of all the work experience that I incurred.

Fortunately, I was accepted easily by my current company. 
There are pros and cons if you work in the Retail.

Let's check first on the pros.

  • Perks!

Lucky you, If you are working on a giant retail company tendency is, you will be receiving some of the following:
  • discount program such as staff discounts up to 50% (my company offers 50% discount during retail employee day and up to 30 percent discount on a regular basis),
  • employee rewards like participating in different events and activities or be commended and appreciated for working with the company
  • financial benefits for employees as per mandated by the labor law such as paid vacation leave, air ticket allowance (if you work abroad), Emergency leave- not paid, and Sick leave is available as well.
  • getting a tip from the customer (if the company allows you to accept)
  • Rest day during your birthday
  • Compensatory Off ( Offset during holidays)
  • Paid Overtime

How about the cons?

check this out:

  • Customers

As a retail associate, we are interacting in an environment with a different race and populace. We can't deny the fact that sometime's we are being treated in a different way. Some customers are racist, some are nice, some could understand if you explain the return policy, for example. Another customer will treat you as their personal assistant, if they are not satisfied, they will complain to the manager or else write an email to the company itself.

As a retail associate, Our goal is to make our customer happy and satisfied. But other customers are taking it to the next level. Despite the quote '' Customer is always right". We cannot do anything about it unless customer will act violently.

Retail Company nowadays are protecting their credibility. So in order to avoid these things. They are pro-consumer, without consumer buying the product, there is no income at all.

  • Rest Days

If you work in retail, don't expect to get a rest day during holidays. Holidays is the Hotspot for the retailers as consumers tend to visit the malls and splurge for shopping. Other retail shop offer sale during holidays as well so expect the crowd during these days.
For a retail associate, we call it block days- days that we cant go on vacation.

Peak season starts from November until January. So we can't request a vacation on these months unless there's an allotted manpower.

Working overtime? of course! It's extra pay for you, however, despite overwork, you felt tired the entire day and you cant even managed to do things that you want to do.

  • Workload

If you work in a children's clothing for example. A lot of merchandise items are needed to prepare and to be displayed. So if you haven't tried working in this type of industry, you might tend to quite easily. Customers are happy and love to shop, so we need to make sure that everything is well set and shoppable. However, despite these good result of hard work, we can't avoid the fact that workload is very high.

Despite these Cons. It's a fulfillment for me to work in a Retail Industry.
It boosts the level of my self-confidence.  I don't talk a lot to anyone, However when I started working in this field. It changed everything.

Meeting different people, Working with the team,  interacting with the customer, and helping them means a lot to me.

By the end of the day. You and your team will be productive, you made someone happy because you help them.
You contributed to the growth of the company and company gives you in return.

Fulfilling, isn't it?

So for those people who want to work in retail.
Do some research, especially for those first-timers who want to work.

Thank you for reading my blog and see you next time.