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Monday, January 13, 2020

McAfee Internet Security 2019- Quick Unboxing Review

Technology so far, so great...

We are in the advancement of technology, and We cannot deny the fact that technology is everywhere, You wake up in the morning by the alarm of your clock or your smartphone, and wash your clothes in the washer. One of the major mainstream to communicate with our family on the other side of the world is in a medium of the internet. Without the internet, our era would have gone down under and would forcefully use the traditional way, imagine sending mail to your loved ones in the form of snail mail which would take a week to receive? , pretty classic isn't it? However This 21st century, Technology has greatly affected our lives and has gone further.

The outcome: pros, and cons of the internet...

There are an advantage and disadvantages to everything.

Using the internet to communicate with your friends or families on the other side of the world means talking to their side in person. Very convenient and you won't miss any single moment.

Do you want to learn how to cook some Italian pasta but have nowhere to start? Just Google it or watch some cooking tutorials on YouTube.

Or is your boss in a hurry to finish those reports and need to be submitted before lunch?
You can do that in no time and send it right away via Outlook.

Or how about checking the latest promo flight offers to Boracay in the Philippines? Well, you gotta go and check out the promo fares via sky scanner.

Lazy to pay your bills? Let the internet do it for you, search your bank and register via online banking. Pay your bills in just a second.

Anything and everything is possible on the internet.

But of course, there are always disadvantages to all aspects. 

The Internet is a deep web of anything and prying eyes can take advantage of it. Hacking someone's account,  phishing someone's bank account over the internet.

Or an anonymous guy stalking your pictures and taking all of your information in a sort of illegal way that can lead to identity theft and will use your information to make it as a new person and will use your details to get a loan from a bank or a credit card under your name for example.

Or someone reached out via email offering some too-good-to-be-true offers (scam).

I am a small content creator and a writer and primarily, half of my day, I spend on the internet.
Writing new content and/or researching for a new topic.

It's a call and time to make the right decision...

It came to my idea that I have to write something about anti-virus for devices. And I am so blessed that I got a good offer and this anti-virus is on sale.

Previously, I was using Avast for my MacBook, But I noticed that my device tends to slow down even if it is scanning on selected folders. I don't have that many documents on my laptop since everything is being stored in the cloud and I am using an external hard drive.

Mac users also believe that Apple devices are not prone to viruses, regardless of everyone's statement, I still invested in having the best anti-virus.

Everyone should have one and it's a MUST...

This antivirus that I recently purchased is the MCAFEE INTERNET SECURITY 2019. (And it is 2020 now, but who cares? lol) 

The MCAFEE Internet Security has 10 licenses for 10 different devices, which can support different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android devices, and iOS devices.

For Windows users, ensure that you have up-to-date operating systems such as Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • For macOS users, it should be OS X 10.11 and higher.
  • For Android users (smartphones and tablets) It should be Android 4.1 and higher
  • For iOS devices, it should be iOS 9 and higher.

Who is McAfee?

McAfee is a joint venture type of company formerly known as McAfee Associates Incorporated and Intel Security Group. It's an American global computer security software company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

I think I have too much information now. (lol) So without further ado, this is my quick unboxing review of McAfee Internet Security 2019

At first, I thought I paid only for one license, but upon rechecking the packaging, I was surprised that it was for 10 devices. To be honest, I was planning to use it only for my MacBook.

The original price of the McAfee Internet Security was $27 (100 dirhams)  but since it went on sale, I got it only for $8 (29 dirhams)

The packaging is pretty straightforward, you get what you pay for and all of the information about the benefit is listed with a checklist.

4 versions are right for you. You choose.

Starting from the McAfee Antivirus up to the McAfee LiveSafe. I chose McAfee Internet Security (since this was the antivirus which is on sale at that time along with another antivirus which is Kaspersky Total Internet Security 2019)

McAfee Internet Security features are very well decent and it's in the Goldilocks zone. Meaning, you have everything in one. It comes with antivirus and defends from online threats such as malicious websites.

It can remove junk mail before it reaches your inbox from your email.

Protects your children with parental controls so that kids can safely browse the internet. And a password manager with the True Key app.

Apart from the mentioned features above. McAfee Mobile Security is also very useful. Upon retrieving the product key and incorporating the license into my McAfee account, I can utilize all the features such as :

  • Safe Web- It's a VPN (a virtual private network) so that you can browse anonymously and safely
  • Media Vault- to store your precious photos just in case your photos from your mobile got compromised.
  • Back-Up Contacts- to save and retrieve later your phone contacts
  • Anti Theft- to monitor and leave a "footprint" of your device so that you can easily track it just in case you lose your device. The other feature that I like the most is the capture feature. If someone attempts 3x to open your McAfee application, the app itself will trigger to capture an image discreetly and will notify you right away in your email.

Inside the carton consists of one small half A4 size documentation, showing the product key on another side of the document.

Another side of the documentation is the McAfee Product Key

It took me half an hour to install the McAfee Antivirus, and I tried to run a full scan.
Surprisingly, I didn't find my laptop to slow down and it works as normal as it.

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Thanks for reading!



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