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Monday, June 1, 2020

Google Adsense Alternatives For 2020 | Ceddy's Random Review 2020

And, I am back again for another review......

Hey guys, Ceddy here, and I am back again for another content review.
For todays content, I am sharing with you the Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2020.

Many of you are already familiar with Google Adsense and there is no doubt that they are the best interactive media advertiser.

If you are new to blogging and you want to monetize your website, probably most of your query results in Google will land you to Adsense reviews.

There is no specific requirement for you to get approved right away but upon my experience, the criteria should have the following at least:

  • Decent traffic to your website
  • The quality of your content/niche
  • Should have at least 10 contents
  • Your website should adhere to the Adsense TOS
  • Your website should have a domain and does not use a subdomain
Once you get approved, You can simply integrate the code to your website, and ads will run right away.

I'm satisfied with the use of Google Adsense, I have decent traffic and my CPC rate is in the range between 4 to 5 dollars especially if my traffic comes from the USA. However, regardless of high traffic on your website and no one is clicking to those Adsense ads, you are still not getting a high revenue result. Some bloggers are not aware of CPC and CPM. 

CPC or cost per click is used to drive traffic to the website in which the advertiser pays a publisher for each click.

While the CPM or cost per thousand impressions is where the advertisers pay each ad every time the ad is displayed on your website.

Simple to understand yet some bloggers used to skip this and when they got approved from Adsense, they are completely clueless why their revenue is less despite having a huge amount of CPM. That's because Adsense is mainly a CPC Platform.

That's why I created this review for Adsense Alternative as I know that some of you are looking for another ad provider.

I am using 4 media advertisers on my website (Adsense Included). The first on my list is 


It is a full-service ad revenue partner headquartered at Farmington, Utah, USA.  And they are providing CPM. Yes, you heard it right. CPM and not CPC. So you can earn high revenue as much as you have high traffic to your website. You don't have to worry about invalid clicks as long as you have enough traffic and high ad impressions, you can get high revenue at the same time. So far this is the best Adsense alternative that I've discovered. There was an increase of 150% in my revenue compared to Adsense only.

You can check the graph below:

Screenshot of my revenue from January till May of 2020

Joining Monumetric is a bit lengthy process but for sure your waiting time is worthy.
I joined Monumetric last December 2019, but due to the holiday season, their office hours were changed and it took me like a month for them to set up everything.

If you are qualified for Monumetric, One representative will reach you via Skype and discuss what are the important priorities for you to achieve your revenue goal, they will also ask what are the problems you encounter so that they can find a solution. 

After 1 hour of discussion, they immediately set up the process and after a week of January 2020, The ads are now served to my website.

You should trust the Folks at Monumetric, as you need to give your username and password for your account as they will be the one to set up the ad scripts. I trusted them, and they set up everything for me. They put the ad to the best placement. 

I am happy and satisfied using Monumetric. You can directly talk to a "real human" if you have any questions from them. You can send an email or talk with them via Skype.

Why Join Monumetric?

Consider this because:

  1. They offer the highest CPM as per my experience. 150% increased to my revenue upon signing up with them
  2. It's a CPM- or cost per thousand of impression. If you have a high traffic volume + higher impression = HIGH REVENUE
  4. They can pay you via Payoneer, Paypal or Local Bank Account
  5. Dedicated team to help you right away
There are some cons to take note also:

  1. Traffic requirement should have at least 10k to 80k views per month (Propel Level)
  2. If you have less than 80k views per month YOU NEED TO PAY $99 SET UP FEE

If you are considering to join Monumetric, feel free to visit them by clicking this LINK

The next Adsense Alternative that I can recommend is 


It is a contextual advertising network. So basically, they offer context ads instead of Image Ads on your website. Probably you already have seen one of these ads. They are showing relevant keyword-targeted ads instead of a picture. They have a very large base of advertisers mainly advertise from Bing and Yahoo.

To get you approved easily, ensure that you follow the TOS of Media Net. Such as your language content is in English. Updated regularly, your web traffic should be mainly from the UK, USA, and CANADA. And don't put plenty of ads on your website.

It looks like this (encircled with orange) :

Why join Media.Net?
Consider them because:

  1. They offer the best revenue of impression per thousand
  2. Same with Google, The context ads will blend to your website's template
  3. They pay you every 30th of the month via Payoneer, Minimum payout is $100
  4. You can use sticky sidebars for mobile
  5. You can request for personalized context ad size directly from your personal account manager. 
  6. Approval of your application can take a maximum of two days.
The cons are:

    1. The ads require a double click from the visitor, in this way, they ensure that the ad click is valid and not spam.  But this will affect your revenue as the visitor should click twice for you to earn.
    2. You will have to wait one day to see your earnings
    3. If your traffic is not from the UK, USA, CANADA, you will not earn anything or less probably.
If you are considering to join MEDIA.NET, You can click this LINK

The last Adsense alternative that I can recommend is 


If Adsense rejects your application, try Infolinks , it is similar to Adsense + A combination of Media.Net as it is mainly served thru the CPC Platform. Getting approved is faster compared to the media net or monumetric.
If you meet the necessary requirements, Your site will get approved after 24 hours.

Implementing Infolinks ads on your website is very easy and won't need to use a lot of scripts.
Just paste a single thread of javascript and all the Infolinks Ads will be implemented.

You have the option to maximize or minimize the implementation of all ads on your website by just visiting your dashboard and toggling it on or off its easy and very customizable. You can check it below:

Infolinks provide a variety of ad placement and as I have said, you have the option to activate it.

One of them is INTEXT. 

Intext mainly focused on Context Advertising- so you got the idea. Intext blends perfectly or linked perfectly to the text of your content. You can check this screenshot of my website for your reference. You can see that INTEXT is highlighted in Blue (but you can also change into other colors if you want).

If the visitor will hover the mouse on the INTEXT, A small preview of the ad will appear, if they clicked it and you have sufficient traffic and impression, You can get the revenue right away.

Next is feature is INARTICLE

InArticle allows you to increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable informational tags within your website's content. This is set to asynchronous script, so basically, the ad will load first before your website.

Here's a sample below:

There's another remaining feature but I don't mainly utilize it as I have to leave a space from my other advertisers. They are INFRAME and INFOLD.

Why join Infolinks?

Consider this because:

  1. Infolinks is compatible with Adsense, so you can combine both of them running on your website
  2. Quick approval of your website maximum of 48 hours. But I got approved after 24 hours.
  3. Minimum payout is $25 via Paypal, wire transfer or Payoneer
Cons of Infolinks:

  1. It's really hard for publishers to gain high revenue from developing countries. If you are new to Infolinks, Most ads that you might notice has very low revenue as advertisers want to show their ads in tier 1 country.
  2. The ad placement is somehow intrusive.
If you wish to apply. You can click this link.

Writers discretion: Upon signing up with those links I mentioned, I'll be receiving a small commission. The proceeds of this commission will help my website's future enhancement and renewal.

Once again,  thank you for reading this review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or you can reach thru out my social media sites.

Stay safe!


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