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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

New Opportunity - New Heights!

New Opportunity - New Heights! 

8 Years is Enough... I guess?

I've been working in the retail industry sector for almost 8 years. I never thought of shifting my career into another industry. But this was changed when covid strikes.  I'm very lucky since my former company didn't lay me off, instead, they put kept me on furlough for 3 months, right after, we reported back to work on limited time.  Fast forward to 2022 I decided to search for some jobs since I am no longer happy. 

Hotel and Restaurant Management....yep, that is my course...

Since my educational background is related to the tourism industry, I submitted my CV to hotels and leading airlines. I was shortlisted by the 2 leading airlines in the Middle East, however,  didn't make it to the last part of the process. I applied to the Dubai Duty-Free and passed the initial assessment but failed to make it to the final assessment. 

And then I asked myself, where did I go wrong? What's the missing piece? I asked God, what's the missing piece, I have the experience and all, but where did I go wrong? 

Pray Without Ceasing!

I composed myself, took a deep breath, and In my mind, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.  Don't get me wrong. I always pray, before eating, before, and after sleeping, Yes I do. But the question is, Is it just because I need something, and that's the only time I remember God? I felt guilty, to be honest!

I contemplated, I prayed. 

Lo and Behold!

It came to the point that I have to stop applying for jobs because I always got rejected. But guess what?  Lo and behold. Once, I got a call from an interview for a position I always wanted to do! And guess where? It's at the airport! I was praying and hoping that everything would be all right!  My weekly off is the scheduled date of my interview.  

The interview went well but in the last part of it. The hiring manager advised me to wait for a call from the business head unit confirming whether I got the job or not. 

Sharing good news with myself until it's confirmed! 

I haven't shared the good news with Auntie, Ramella, or Chesca. Only Mai Mai, Peter, Kai, and Tinang knews it.  I have yet to receive a call the next day. So I thought, I got rejected again.  But one morning, around 8 AM. I got a call from the company. I answered the call and they congratulated Me!

I couldn't believe it! The business head unit even told me: Cedric, Welcome to the Family!  Lo and behold! I'm still floating on cloud nine! 

Offer of Acceptance Letter...

Straight off the bat, same day. They gave me the offer of the acceptance letter. I was not expecting that much amount of salary offer, but I was really overwhelmed! Truly I am so blessed!  I signed the offer letter and sent it back to them via email the same day. I headed to my workplace and submitted my resignation letter right away.

I have to render 30 30-day notice period since this is mandatory for those People who had another offer letter from the new company.  Writing this content, it's June 28, and my Last working day was June 23. I am now waiting for my visa cancellation, and right after, the new company will process my new visa.

I have still more ways to go to seek new heights in this new opportunity. And I will always be forever grateful!

Before I end this short content update. Let me share with you this wonderful bible quote :

 "The more God-focused you are, the closer you are to Him and the more of His help you can receive. Prayer is about being God-centered" 

credits via: match daily

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