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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Best Affiliate Marketing Website in 2024

Best Affiliate Marketing Website in 2024

Affiliate Network who?

Hello Everyone! If you are new to my blog, you might notice that my website consists of advertisements and affiliates. But for today's content. I am sharing with you the affiliate website that I currently joined for the past years.

Which affiliate network do I  highly recommend?

CJ Affiliate Network

If you want to utilize the ad space on your website. Joining an affiliate would be advantageous. And it's another extra income on top of your current ad provider. 

I have two affiliate partners. One is the CJ Affiliate Network and Impact.

CJ Affiliate formerly known as Commission Junction is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world. It connects advertisers with publishers often bloggers like Me. 

Most of the well-known brands in the travel category are partnered with CJ Affiliate. My website is affiliated with Namecheap, PUMA, and Qatar Airways. 

The commission structure depends on the affiliate brand that you are currently connected or affiliated with. 

The implementation of affiliate banner links depends on the brand and is very easy to implement whether in javascript or HTML code.  Here's a sample screenshot above.

However, I noticed that the user interface takes time to load such as visiting to other tabs, even having a strong internet connection takes a lot of time to load.

The commission payout threshold is 100 USD and wire transfer is the best way to receive the funds.

However, when it comes to tenurity of the affiliate brand, the brand has the right to terminate the contract with the publisher. And I've encountered it many times.

To join as a publisher, head over to this link. 

Another affiliate marketing website...

Is ...

Compared to CJ Impact. The user interaction on its dashboard is fast and responsive. The flexibility and commission structure depends on the affiliate brand as well. 

When it comes to link implementation, I can see that Impact is more focused on the link directly rather than providing an advertisement banner. 

There is an option to join a pre-qualified brand, and you can join any of these brands instantly. 

I am currently affiliated with the brands shown above and each of the brands provides a commission structure accordingly. When it comes to the flexibility of affiliates to join, Impact has the best affiliates starting from small to medium affiliates but provides generous commissions.

Impact is more focused on creating a direct link and you can attach it to any website or any social media channels making it more flexible and advantageous to non-tech-savvy users.

When it comes to the withdrawal of commission, Impact can auto-withdraw your funds at a desired amount. As for me, It can auto-withdraw when it reaches 50 dirhams (my local currency) 

To join the Impact affiliate network, you can click this link. 

So that's a wrap! If you want to maximize your ad space on your website. Try to sign up for either of the two affiliate networks and let the commission keep coming.

Thanks for reading my blog and I Hope you learn something. Any questions, feel free to DM me or comment below. 


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